Operation Overlord

Watch the real Operation Overlord.

Read about the real Operation Overlord.



Estimated costs are:











£169 per person



Plus food


Plus drink


Plus admission fees

(shown below where known)



Plus carpark fees



Plan of Attack

(TBC - all suggestions welcome)



Day 1 (Friday)

Set off @12:00, Ferry @08:15, Caen@15:00, campsite@16:00


Day 2 (Saturday)

AM: walk from campsite to the coast of Arromanches (Gold Sector), overlooking what remains of the Mullberry floating Harbour that kept the Allied bridgehead supplied.

(Cinéma Arromanches360 4.3 each)

(Museum 7 each)


 PM: Jump in the cars and go to the Normandy Museum in Bayeaux (6.5 each) , chronicalling Operation Overlord.  Also go and see the tapestry if you want/time permitting (7.8 each)



Jump back in the cars (17 miles) and head to Pointe Du Hoc  scene of the courageous cliff-face attack by the US rangers overlooking Omaha Beach. (no charge)


Day3 (Sunday)


AM : Jump in the cars and travel 35 miles via Pegasus Bridge to Merville Battery,( 5 each) one of the first targets for the British on D-Day.

PM: Back in the cars for a 6 mile trip back to Pegasus Bridge, target of the 6th Airborne in the hours just before D-Day (Museum 6 each) .


Day 4 (Monday)


AM: Pack up the tents, enjoy the trip along the Gold, Juno and  Sword coastline en route to the Ferry, calling in at some bunkers at Coleville-Montgomery (unless we’re all bunkered out by then).


PM: Travel, Ferry@16:30, Portsmouth@21:15, home@02:30 (Tuesday)